Red British Shorthair Cats (and other Red Varieties)


All of our cats have everything they could ever need to live healthy, happy lives.  We only feed raw food to all of our cats and kittens as this provides everything they need to be strong, healthy cats.   Cats are obligate carnivores so they need the raw food to supply them with all of the nutrients they need.

Bloodgroup Ab

PKD negative 

Carrier of dilute

Ruby pictured at the top is our first Red British Shorthair, we have been entrusted with her from our friend Jane Whiteley of Admirari and we will be forever grateful for her.  ruby is the most laid back kitten I've ever owned, from the moment she came home it was like she had been here forever!  Ruby is a really solid girl with a lovely short crisp coat and lovely orange eyes.

We look forward to showing Ruby soon and for her first kittens in the Spring 2018.

Ruby loves playing mum, here she is washing one of our silver kittens

and pictured below with our silver kittens