Red British Shorthair Cats (and other Red Varieties)

Kitten Adoption

Our kittens are all individual with personalities, likes and dislikes.  We like to call it adoption as it is like bringing home a new baby, and thats how we like them to be looked after. 

All of our kittens are born indoors where they stay until they are ready to leave.  They are brought up in a loving home environment where they can get used to everyday sights, sounds and smells.

We are small hobby breeders so only have a few kittens available to loving pet homes each year, they will be registered on the non-active register so they are not to be bred from.

Our aim is to have healthy, happy kittens brought up in a loving home environment, well socialised.  We pride ourselves on the love and care that go into our kittens and the temperaments they all have, past kittens owners have always expressed how affectionate and loving our kittens are and how easily they adapt into their new homes when they leave us.

Kittens will not go unless I am satisfied that it is a genuine loving home that they are going to,  preferably indoors.

We aim to provide you with a pedigree kitten that has been bred from quality breeding lines, our price reflects the care, work and commitment that has gone into raising them. We not only breed to a high standard but the quality of what we feed them and products used is also the highest quality and the newest vaccinations possible to ensure they have the best start in life.   As such we are looking for top quality forever homes and we are happy to wait until the right home comes along for each kitten.  If you are wanting a cheap pet then please look elsewhere.  There are many breeders out there that don't care where their kittens end up or where they will be living they are just interested in getting rid of them as soon as possible for the money.  That is not us please only contact us if you are willing to commit to a life long commitment of owning a cat and providing for its every need.

We would like it if you could provide us with information about yourself, your home and other pets you have  so we can get an idea of where our kitten/kittens are going.   I am more then happy to give you any information you require .

Going Home

Your new kitten will be ready at 13 weeks old for collection, please bring with you a suitable cat carrier and blanket for a safe journey home (no cardboard boxes please)

Your kitten will leave us having been vet checked twice, fully vaccinated against Cat Flu, Enteritis, leukemia and given advocate flea and worming treatments. We do include microchipping in the adoption price as we feel it is very important that all cats are chipped.

You will also have a Four Generation Pedigree Certificate and 4 weeks free insurance with Agria, that we highly recommend you continue after the four weeks expire.

Your kitten will also leave with -

  • Registration paperwork
  • Full G.C.C.F kitten guidelines
  • Feeding guide
  • Cat litter
  • Orijen kitten biscuits & raw food
  • Embroidered Personalised blanket
  • Selection of toys  

The kittens registration paperwork is what you will need to transfer the ownership of the kitten into your name with the G.C.C.F (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy).

A £200 deposit will secure your kitten after we have confirmed adoption, this can be done via bank transfer or cash at time of viewing.  The balance is paid in full on collection in cash.

We do not take deposits until the viewing so we can meet you and we are both happy that it is the right kitten for you.

 We are always available for future help and advice so please do contact us with any questions or queries.

We do not export our kittens