Red British Shorthair Cats (and other Red Varieties)

Approved members of the GCCf Breeders Scheme

 Breeder of healthy, happy, confident Red British Shorthair cats and other Red varieties in Kent

News page updated 13/06/2018

We've had new kittens arrive!!

My name is Natalie Hewitt and I'm known for breeding black silver tabbies, spotted and occasional black smoke kittens.  I purchased my first breeding queen in 2009 and had my first litter of kittens in 2010, the most amazing experience I've ever had.

A link to our sister website for our silvers is here  

My love for reds started when I was a little girl growing up with Garfield, I didn't love anything more then him!!  To finally own my own red British Shorthair and to actually be breeding them is more then a dream come true.  I would like to thank Jane Whiteley of Admirari British Shorthairs for this amazing opportunity by allowing us our beautiful Ruby I hope we make her proud.

We are members of the GCCF Breeder Scheme and abide by the rules and Code Of ethics associated with breeding.  We aim to breed reds, cream, bi colours and other red variety cats to the highest standard to maintain and improve the standard of the breed.

We are also members of quite a few cat clubs and regularly attend shows with our cats around the country.

I have completed a Level 1 & 2 in Animal Welfare, Nutrition and First Aid courses so I can give my cats the exact care they need.

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